Moles are often harmless, but they can be irritating and catch on clothing and jewellery alike. Occasionally, they can be a sign of cancer. The NHS and NICE guidelines recommend having your moles checked by an expert every six months; at a minimum. If you’ve had a mole removed, it’s every three months.


The good news is that skin cancers from moles that are found and removed early are almost always curable and early diagnosis matters. A person with a melanoma of less than 0.75mm thick can expect to have a 95% cure rate. 52% of the melanoma we find are discovered by monitoring and identifying the tiniest of changes each time you come in with our mole-mapping service. Changes can be monitored both externally and internally for signs that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

What makes our mole check service different?

Dermatologist Led: every Mole Check patient is seen by one of our consultant Dermatologists and not a nurse.

•Long Term Monitoring: our Dermatologist led approach allows us to spot even the subtlest of changes and moles over time.

Dermoscopy: any mole that a Dermatologist is concerned about will be examined on the spot under a high powered dermatology microscope.

Treatment: we offer same day removal of worrisome moles. The sample will be sent for histology; to the laboratory to get tested.

Plastic Surgeons: for the removal of bigger or deeper moles, or those in more visible places, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon can undertake the procedure to minimise any scarring risk.


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